Planning and preparing for IP commercialisation involves so much more than simply filing IP rights. At Chiliad we understand that IP services do not start and end with filing IP rights alone. We provide IP strategy and consulting services to work with you in developing and executing an IP protection and commercialisation strategy that complements your commercial objectives. We assist in executing IP protection strategies, including filing for IP rights and managing disclosure, and we offer assistance in commercialising your IP including funding, licensing or commercialisation assistance.

IP strategy

Chiliad’s IP strategy services provide a roadmap on which (which type of IP right), where (positioning and scope of IP rights), why (benefits and drawbacks) and how (timing of actions for obtaining IP rights) to protect IP for a technology, product or business. Our IP strategy services directly complement a business’s commercial strategies.

Our services include planning for strategic investment in available IP (‘white space’), IP protection strategies for brand families, the protection of platform technologies (technologies with broad reaching applications) or product pipelines (suites of similar products or products with planned enhancements), and commercialisation strategies for exploiting existing IP (including revenue model and business model development).

Our services are customised on a case by case basis, however they often include IP audits, freedom to operate analysis (based on commercialisation strategy or go to market strategy), IP protection Gantt charting (aligning timing, costs and rights), and IP protection strategies. Our strategy services are often coupled with searching services which provide an evidence basis for our strategy and advice.

Searching services

We provide a range of IP, market research and technical searching services and can aggregate searches to provide commercial intelligence.  Our IP searching services include trade mark clearance searches, registrability searches, domain availability searches and monitoring services, landscape searches, white space mapping, freedom to operate searches, novelty and patentability searches, and design searches. Our searching services are coupled with analytic and advisory services for the interpretation and communication of results.

Analytics and visual reports

We provide insights, analytics and reports on innovation, economic development and fields of technology based on our searching services. We aggregate and analyse data from our intellectual property, market research and technical searching services to provide insights and intelligence. Our reports can provide dynamic visualisations or static reports including infographics and trend analyses.

Consulting services

We provide a range of consulting services to further the management and exploitation of IP, including grant and tender preparation, research and development record keeping and reporting, IP policy development and IP management services.