Brands represent a significant asset and a substantial investment for many businesses. Chiliad offers assistance in protecting brands and can be engaged early to assist in brand strategy development and to ascertain the availability and registrability of brand rights. E-Commerce introduces new opportunities and new complexities in protecting brands and enforcing rights. We are able to assist in exploiting E-Commerce opportunities and avoiding or resolving disputes.

Searching Services

Trade mark searches can identify whether your brand is already in use or protected by another party, whether your brand can be protected, and whether another party is infringing your rights.

Our trade mark searching services include clearance searches (or freedom to operate searches), registrability searches, domain availability searches and monitoring services.

Trade Marks

Trade mark registration offers the ability to protect your branding and the goodwill associated with your brand. Business name registration and domain name registration unfortunately do not provide brand protection, but trade mark protection can. 

We provide Australian, New Zealand and international trade mark filing, prosecution and registration services. We welcome both Australian and international clients and foreign Attorneys. 


We provide advice on domain name registration and acquisition, and advice on the resolution of E-commerce disputes.

We can provide trade mark protection, searching services, consulting and advisory services on a fixed cost basis. To obtain a cost for your specific circumstances please contact us with your query.