Adele Flego


Adele is an experienced Trans Tasman Patent and Trademarks Attorney and IP strategist with extensive experience in private practice and diverse experience in IP encompassing technology commercialisation, IP policy (OHIM) and patent examination (IP Australia).

Adele has represented many Universities and publicly funded research organisations and has launched spin out companies, negotiated and closed licenses and secured seed funding for University technologies. She works with entrepreneurs and investors providing traditional patent and trademark services driven by strategic analysis, planning and execution strategies. Adele often acts as the IP management interface between industry and the university sector.

Adele is currently a private board member and has held a number of strategic roles including member of the auDA 2015 Names Policy Panel and member of the Trans Tasman Commercialisation Fund Investment Committee.


  • Trans Tasman Patent and Trademarks Attorney

  • MBA, MIP, BBiotech (Hons)

  • Member IPTA, IPSANZ


  • IP strategy, R&D strategy, commercialisation strategy

  • Biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, microbiology, genetics, medical devices, ICT

  • Patent, Design and Trade Mark drafting, prosecution and infringement analysis


Rajni Garg

Technology Specialist (Materials Science)

Rajni is an experienced graphene scientist with broad expertise in materials science and chemistry. Her most recent research experience investigated the use of graphene based electrode materials for energy conversion devices; and, prior to this, her research focus was within the petrochemical industry, developing iron oxide nanoparticles. 

Rajni provides specialist expertise in the fields of materials science, nanotechnology and clean energy, particularly in relation to patent drafting, prosecution and the interpretation, validity analysis and infringement analysis of patent claims.

Rajni was awarded the 2016 Australian Nanotechnology Network (ANN) young nanotechnology ambassador award. She completed her PhD at the University of South Australia’s Future Industries Institute (formerly the Ian Wark Research Institute), her thesis titled as “Synthesis, surface modifications and deposition of graphene based electrodes for organic solar cells”.


  • BTech, MTech (Nanodevices), PhD

  • Member ANN (Australian Nanotechnology Network), Standards Australia


  • Nanomaterials, nanodevices, surface chemistry, energy and clean technologies

  • Patent and Trade Mark drafting, prosecution and validity analysis

Kate Fox.jpg

Kate Fox

IP Strategist and Technology Specialist

Kate is a biomedical engineer with extensive experience in patent practice, IP management and the commercialisation of multidisciplinary technologies.

Kate has significant research experience, with expertise in hydroxyapatite coatings and implant design for orthopaedic applications. She has experience in hybrid material design, surface science characterisation techniques and implants. Her most recent research focussed on developing diamond as an orthopaedic biomaterial. Prior to this, she worked on the Bionic Eye Project developing a high acuity diamond electrode capable of electrically stimulating retinal tissue.

She is experienced in the translation of technology from complex research structures, and the management and governance of IP across University-industry collaborations; including managing disclosures, invention identification and scoping, identification of commercial applications of technology, creation of IP development strategies.

Kate has drafted and prosecuted many patent applications in the engineering, materials science and electrical fields and advises on the patentability of research and its potential commercial application.


  • R&D strategy, IP development strategy, IP management, commercialisation strategy

  • Biomaterials, implant design, hard tissue engineering, additive manufacturing, surface science

  • Patent drafting, prosecution and invention protectability

Craig Jones.png

Craig Jones

Technology Specialist (ICT)

Craig is an experienced software engineer and data scientist. He is a technology specialist on patent matters relating to software, communications and hardware implementation.

Craig has significant industry experience delivering major projects including the design and development of submarine signal-processing module simulators, the implementation and design of tram driver simulators in 3D environments, and the design and implementation of car traffic systems and pedestrian tram boarding systems.

He has extensive expertise in 3D visualisation, distributed data systems, metadata storage, calculation and reporting of descriptive statistics, messaging systems, performance and memory usage analysis, statistical and system analysis for capacity planning, and performance analysis.

Craig provides a depth of technical expertise in the preparation and prosecution of patent applications and the analysis of the validity of patent claims.


  • MSc (Mathematics and Computer Science), BCompSci, DipIT (Programming), BSc (Hons) (Biostatistics and Population genetics)


  • IoT technologies, computation, mobile applications, data mining, artificial intelligence and web-based predictive analysis

  • Patent drafting, prosecution and validity analysis